Adventure Week 2012

Adventure Week at Brookwood Church is something to behold. Over 800 kids attend every year with several hundred volunteers. Most of the time, we take the convention’s curriculum and just amp it up but this year our children’s department decided to write our own. Enter Colossal City.

They decided on a superhero theme and adapted a stage design we first saw from “Kids on the Move.” There were a total of 23 TVs on the scaffolding fed from two different sources and a main center screen. We used ProPresenter and PVP Nodes as sources so that we could control everything simultaneously. I took the down-converted composite video output of the frame syncs (AJA FS-1) for the nodes and sent it to two ESE ES-208 analog video DAs on stage. We tried to randomize which TV had what feed as best as possible and did so with a simple identifier slide I created. This picture was taken during setup.

The other cool thing about Adventure Week is that we bring in the student volunteers to help run the sessions. Four out of five camera operators, stage hands, and ProPresenter operators were all student volunteers.

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