Do you have a volunteer who needs training on some equipment or a staff member who just wants to polish their skills or understanding? We can provide training to make your team work as one with unified strategies.


Need to upgrade your audio, video, or lighting gear? Or just want to take what you have and make it work better? We come in and assess what you have and what your goals are and create a specific plan, just for your situation.

project management

We act like a middle man between you and any external contractors that may be needed to make sure the entire project comes together.


We listen when our clients explain how they got here and where they want to go.


We actively explore all options and possibilities to come up with the right solution

fiscal responsibility

We always look for ways to maximize your budget while simultaneously focusing on quality and longevity

Our Philosophy

Each client is unique. There is no "One Size Fits All" solution.

Technology and production elements, when used properly, will draw the audience into an experience without distraction. However, not every situation calls for expensive equipment and/or flashy lights. Sometimes a simple installation is the best solution. Regardless of facility or budget, we believe that everything should be done to the best of our abilities. We believe in the importance of training and creating consistency across the board. We believe that the details matter. By focusing on the details, most distractions can be removed and a polished look can be achieved.



Consultant / Project Manager
Will has a heart for helping churches keep up with technology and use it properly so that it furthers the message and doesn’t become a distraction.

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