Chillipepper 2012 – Sunday

I can say, though, that the highlight of my weekend was working the the guys, and gal, of Bellarive. This is a fresh new band from Florida made up of six friends. They are all great people and an absolute blast to work with, even after midnight when setup and soundcheck took place. They just Read more about Chillipepper 2012 – Sunday[…]

Chillipepper 2012 – Saturday

DownHere was our guest for Saturday night. I hadn’t seen them play in a very long time but they are still a great band! The most interesting this is that both Marc and Jason are Co-Lead Singers. The other fun part about Saturday was that we got to play with the lasers at the Theatre. Read more about Chillipepper 2012 – Saturday[…]

Chillipepper 2012 – Thursday

Thursdays are always a nice relaxed day of setups for us where we get to take our time and get everything connected and checked out without the rush of a band waiting on us to load in. Ray and Will (Wright) began by laying out monitor world and unpacking all the gear while Kat setup Read more about Chillipepper 2012 – Thursday[…]